About Screaming for Vengeance

SFV is a friendly, adult, group of gamers that have come together to enjoy a few of today’s more popular games. Our guild however is founded in World of Warcraft. We play Horde on the Kilrogg server in WoW. We are a casual guild with the primary interest of actually having fun with a group of people while online. We are friendly, we actually say “hi” when somebody logs in, and generally try and keep perspective of where game time falls on the priority list among our other real-life commitments.

We are not a “progression guild”, though we do enjoy our share of end game content. The best way to describe SFV’s raid commitment is: “casual progression”; we enjoy raiding and progressing but not at the expense of everyday life! We have varying raid schedules that are generally no more than twice a week.

Personality is the number one attribute we look at when determining if someone will be a good fit for our guild. We are always open to adding more like-minded individuals to our roster.

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New Website Format

by Ceenit, 68 days ago

Just got done editing the website.


Huge thanks to Xcursion for an amazing Header.  Let me know your thoughts on stuff as we can change it if there are things you don't like.



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Congrats Xisle

by Ceenit, 76 days ago

A hearty congrats to Xisle for his promotion to Officer of SFV.  Thanks for stepping up and we plan on having you be the whip for DPS (note to self: don't be DPS in Legion :P )

Please pass your congrats the next time you see him in game!

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