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SFV is a friendly, adult, group of gamers that have come together to enjoy a few of today’s more popular games. Our guild however is founded in World of Warcraft. We play Horde on the Kilrogg server in WoW. We are a casual guild with the primary interest of actually having fun with a group of people while online. We are friendly, we actually say “hi” when somebody logs in, and generally try and keep perspective of where game time falls on the priority list among our other real-life commitments.

We are not a “progression guild”, though we do enjoy our share of end game content. The best way to describe SFV’s raid commitment is: “casual progression”; we enjoy raiding and progressing but not at the expense of everyday life! We have varying raid schedules that are generally no more than twice a week.

Personality is the number one attribute we look at when determining if someone will be a good fit for our guild. We are always open to adding more like-minded individuals to our roster.

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Patch 6.0 and WoD Raiding

by Ceenit, 65 days ago

With the release date announced I know a lot of people are getting excited about the new expansion finally coming out.  I have been asked by a fair number of players what the plan is come 6.0 and WoD with regards to raiding so I wanted to express our current plan (as always subject to change)

Patch 6.0.2 - The pre-expansion patch will come with a world event which is pretty cool.  It also brings along all of the changes to play that are being established with WoD such as the stat squish and ability pruning.  It also brings the flex style of raiding to all difficulty levels with the exception of mythic.  In addition anyone who has not gotten an heirloom weapon will get one along with increased chances for additional ones to drop.  With all of that said we will plan on doing the raids again come 6.0.  If we can get a solid group together we will do what will now be considered "heroic" (current normal).  What we will not be doing is carrying people though, if we do the fight and we realize that DPS or heals are too low we will ask that player to step out to make the fight easier for those who are executing the fight correctly.  This is a fairly new policy, but one that I feel must go into place to allow those who have put in the effort to maintain their skill and knowledge with the changes to enjoy their play time and not feel like they are being required to support those who are more casual players.

Raiding in WoD - There will be approximately 2.5 weeks between the release of the expansion and the first raid release.  This gives time for everyone to level and begin to gear up.  When we do begin raiding I expect to start with normal raids (current flex) to get some gear and learn the fights.  We will also slip our toes into "heroic" raiding.  Our requirements for flex and normal will be set as we get closer, but you can expect that heroic raiding will follow the guidelines we are setting for 6.0.  In progression we will only bring DPS that are within 15% of the top DPS and have learned the flights in normal raids and are able to survive.  Heroic raiding is just that...heroic, and not for casual raiding.  As we progress and have bosses on farm we may begin to bring in those who are on the cusp of skill and gear to join the main raiding group.  

Again this is a more restrictive policy, so I want to explain a bit behind our reasoning for it.  RL has taken a pretty good toll on the leadership of the guild, we are older with jobs, families and such so we do not have the amount of time to devote to the guild that we have had in the past.  We are putting more of the burden of becoming a skilled raider back on each player.  Some can meet that burden and some cannot.  It would be unfair to those who put in the work and have the skill to burden them additionally with carrying players who do not put in that effort.  

Our preliminary Heroic Raiding roster at this point is:

Tanks - Thor, Darkjess, Forcewild, Maural

Healers - Sebald, Solaria, Izd, Ceenit

DPS - Rev, Valk, Pix, Ez, Network, Tana, Azz, Androna, Excursion,  Grruk, Daeolos

If your name is not on that list it does not mean you are not going to be included, I am sure we have great players with us that I may have forgotten (bad GM :P ) or who will emerge as serious contenders.  If you would like to be considered our process will be setting up a time to run a 5-man heroic with a full guild group and seeing how you perform in a direct comparison to current raiders.  Raiding officers will then make a decision on whether you join.  If yes great! If no we will provide direct feedback as to why you are not being included.  

Please realize that Heroic raiding is not for everyone, requirements include doing the research to maximize your class and spec on multiple websites, being active on our guild website, knowing the fights, properly gemming and enchanting gear, being on time and prepared for the raids.  

Those interested in mythic raiding can count that I have 19 names on that list... We are currently not planning on doing Mythic raiding, however if we find that we are extremely successful in heroic raiding, we may consider it with a proper mix of people and attitudes that would allow us to raid mythic with the same philosophy as our other raids in avoiding drama.  Basically I make no promises!

So that wall of text is where we stand now.  This thread is locked so please send me any thoughts via PM and I will edit this post as necessary as we move forward.  Thanks for reading and see you all in game!

~ Ceenit

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