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SFV is a friendly, adult, group of gamers that have come together to enjoy a few of today’s more popular games. Our guild however is founded in World of Warcraft. We play Horde on the Kilrogg server in WoW. We are a casual guild with the primary interest of actually having fun with a group of people while online. We are friendly, we actually say “hi” when somebody logs in, and generally try and keep perspective of where game time falls on the priority list among our other real-life commitments.

We are not a “progression guild”, though we do enjoy our share of end game content. The best way to describe SFV’s raid commitment is: “casual progression”; we enjoy raiding and progressing but not at the expense of everyday life! We have varying raid schedules that are generally no more than twice a week.

Personality is the number one attribute we look at when determining if someone will be a good fit for our guild. We are always open to adding more like-minded individuals to our roster.

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Highmaul Raid

by Ceenit, 24 days ago



So raiding will begin next week for SFV.  I wanted to put up a post to describe how we are planning to run the raids.  Here are the REQUIREMENTS for raiding NORMAL with us:

-Current website account.  (Everyone can read this post but you have to have an account to post and read our main forums.  All the good info is there anyway)

-625 ilvl (Yes this will require running a few heroics and putting some work in!  There are many guild groups doing heroics, ask to jump in.  Raiding is not for those not willing to participate so therefore we are making you participate :D  )

-Minimum of 5 Draenic flasks for your chosen spec (these are around 15g right now on the AH, maybe a bit more.  Buy them while they are low priced so you are ready to raid.  We also have guild alchemists available - Ceenit is one - who can make flasks for you)

-Minimum 2 stacks of +75 food for your chosen spec.  (Cooking is pretty easy, mostly uses fish.)

-Have yourself properly gemmed and enchanted with exception of weapon. (Just like with the flasks and food you do not need the expensive ones, just something like the breath enchants for your armor)

-Read the strategy guides for each individual boss on Icy Veins (http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/highmaul-raid) (You do not need to analyze it like the raid leaders will but you need to be familiar with mechanics so when we assign duties you know what we are talking about)

Raiding with a guild group requires some bit of commitment.  We have many people who are interested in raiding, these minimums ensure we are not wasting anyone's time.  If you cannot meet a requirement and would like to request an exemption I will consider it on a case by case basis, however you must speak with me a minimum of 3 days prior to the raid.  I WILL NOT TAKE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT MEET THE MINIMUMS!!!  THIS INCLUDES EXPERIENCED RAIDERS!

*****On Thursday Dec 4th we will attempt a HEROIC RAID!!!*****

Requirements for heroic raiding are as follows:

-Must meet all normal raiding requirements.

-Must be approved by officer corps as a heroic raider, this is done by doing a heroic 5 man with the guild and demonstrating ability in chosen spec or based upon performance in Normal raid as determined by the raid leaders.  Speak to Ceenit, Maeolos, or Izd to schedule a run.

Current raiding roster (will be updated)

Our Heroic roster at this time is:

Tanks - Thor, Force, Ceenit

Healers - Sebald, Solaria, Izd

DPS - Rev, Valk, Pix, Tana, Azz, Excursion, Grelf, Maeolos, Backsmack, Maural

-Must have 3 Greater Draenic Flasks (Speak to Ceenit if you need some made)

-Must have 2 stacks of +100 food.

-Must have 3 stacks of spec appropriate potions.

Again if you are having trouble meeting these requirements please speak to an officer in advance of the raid.

Let me know your thoughts!  I am leaving this thread unlocked for posts :D  See you in Highmaul!

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