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SFV is a friendly, adult, group of gamers that have come together to enjoy a few of today’s more popular games. Our guild however is founded in World of Warcraft. We play Horde on the Kilrogg server in WoW. We are a casual guild with the primary interest of actually having fun with a group of people while online. We are friendly, we actually say “hi” when somebody logs in, and generally try and keep perspective of where game time falls on the priority list among our other real-life commitments.

We are not a “progression guild”, though we do enjoy our share of end game content. The best way to describe SFV’s raid commitment is: “casual progression”; we enjoy raiding and progressing but not at the expense of everyday life! We have varying raid schedules that are generally no more than twice a week.

Personality is the number one attribute we look at when determining if someone will be a good fit for our guild. We are always open to adding more like-minded individuals to our roster.

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SFV vs. The Pre-Expansion Lull

by Ceenit, 71 days ago

So I wanted to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication in Mists, together we downed all of the bosses while they were current which is a pretty big accomplishment.  I wanted to give everyone an idea of what to expect as we move forward.

The RL bug has bitten a lot of the officers recently and it has been hard to keep everyone's interest as content has gotten stale.  We have had a lot of people still logging on to make raids happen, solid dps, heals, and tanks like Pixed, Sebald, Xellia, Network, EZmode, etc etc etc, we could not have kept going as long as we did without ya!  But since I am busy setting up a move, going on vacation with the wife (just the two of us no kids!!!) and finding a new job, I just do not have the time to log on to lead raids.  A big thank you has to go out to Jess for stepping up and even Dae and Izd made some raids happen while I was out, but again RL is keeping some of our officers and top players out for a bit.

So the end result of all of this is we are going to suspend "official" guild raids until patch 6.0.  Raids still may happen, but they will be formed at the discretion of whoever wants to lead them.  We may find some new raid leaders out of this if people want to give it a try and form a raid I say GO FOR IT :D  I know one of our members Maural did that at the end of Cata and became a great raid leader and officer in the process.

As we move forward into Warlords I have to admit the guild philosophy is probably going to shift a bit.  We brought in a lot of new players in our effort to push into 25man.  With the changes in raiding I think a lot of people were caught off guard by the difficulty.  I have to admit I got a bit burnt out trying to lead people who were not really prepared for raiding.  In Warlords I, along with some of the other officers, will not have the time to try to bring everyone up.  The plan is to set an expectation and expect people to meet it if they want to raid.  I may still lead raids, but the expectation will be that everyone knows what they are doing, and be able to perform, so we can enjoy the raid together as friends instead of teaching people on the fly and consuming the time of others who are there and putting in the effort.  

More information will be put out there as we get closer and we see who is around in SFV and looking to raid when we hit 6.o and the expansion.  I am happy to answer questions you have, just send me a PM and I promise to get back to you even if I am not in game all the time (I will still be staying subbed so you will still see me, just not as much)!  


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